Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pedicure as Christianity

I honor of the new year, and a fresh start, I was blessed with a pedicure tonight (thanks to Andrea). This was a well deserved and long-awaited event. So, tonight I had an epiphany...a pedicure is much like my walk with God. It is not so much about the result as it is about the process. Yes, the result is ultimately the prize...pretty toes for 6 or so weeks, and smooth skin... Heaven, an eternity living with the Lord. However, the process is the key. The pedicure is ticklishly, and involves the very uncomfortable scrubbing, scraping, and picking...which is similar to, but not really, to the uncomfortable moments in the Christian life. God tends to scrape, and rub away the imperfections in order to get a more perfect being out of us. There are times this is enjoyable (the massage chair options, bubbly-hot foot bath) but ultimately we made the choice for the outcome (velvet red nail polish), a life of grace and peace.

OK, so this may be a stretch. But, I love my toes, and I therefore am better thanks to the process. I also love my Lord, and too, am better because of the process. Who cares that it is 50 degrees outside, I have resolved to show off my lovely toes!

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