Sunday, February 15, 2009

The persistent enemy

Isn't it amazing how stinkin persistent the enemy can be? Sometimes we believers can say in our minds "God is in control" and "I will not fear" but our hearts are stuck. We get sucked into a place of disappointment and frustration. Misery not only loves company, but it cannot survive without it.

Can't a sista get a break? Come on!

At times in my journey, I have felt that God was unresponsive, which can give the appearance that He does not care or love me. This is the farthest thing from the truth! As my pastor pointed out last week, when the enemy attacks, we aren't quite as smart or strong as we think we are. However, the enemy cannot stand against the Word of God. Duh, right? Wrong. I know I don't so easily respond to situations with the Word as well as I should. Why not? ...Because the enemy does not want us to! Dare I say that every time the enemy sells his rationale as righteous, it looks REALLY good.

The more I learn about the enemy, the more I can see God and understand His ways and His character. Is it possible that God will use the world to rebuke and sharpen his children? YES!

Father, reveal yourself to me. I want to know you, know your Word, and be in your ever presence. This is my only line of defense. I have no other option but your kindness, your grace, and your faithfulness. Don't stop shaking me, until there is nothing left but you. Nothing. It is only you that cannot be shaken. Consume me.

great reading...Hebrews 12:18-29

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