Saturday, April 10, 2010

Angels at Mickey's

One incredibly sweet story that I just had to blog about...

A few nights ago, Mya and I were reading the story of Jonah from the Bible. As soon as I finished reading it, she immediately went to her bed, laid down and said, "I'm gonna dream with the angels." I said, cool. You see angels? She said, "Yeah." I asked her where she sees them, and she said, "At Mickey Mouse's House."

Now, I don't doubt that she really does dream with the angels, because for a little while some time ago, she had trouble with nightmares consistently. I would ask her to tell me what's wrong, and she told me about a tiger that chased her. I called foul to that, and decided there would be no way satan would get to my precious girl, and in the innocence of her dreams. Not my sweet child! From that day on, I prayed for angels to come and play with her in her dreams. If you mix the excitement of our upcoming trip to Disney World, and all the times we've talked to Mickey on the phone about visiting his house, this does not surprise me!