Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oh bloggy blogs!

My dear Blog...I realize the neglect, and what seems to be total abandonment! For that, I apologize.  Does it even count that I've been journaling and writing on the side? HA! It's such a co-inkydink that I've been reflecting on abandonment lately (which you must know I will be writing on that soon) Whatever the reason, unintentional you must know, I recognize the need for an outlet ….and that's in my writing.  I will try to do more blog entries, but let me be clear, I'm making no promises!  So, there you have it, Blog- there's a backlog of ideas for topics and reflections that I must get out! Maybe its just in spurts with these types of things, I don't know.  Sigh, blogging about blogging, so silly.

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