Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 4, 2004

One of the most incredible days of my life. Just over 5 years ago, we first met our son. Coen James Walsh was stillborn at 39 weeks, just days before he was due. He died because of anemia, in which my body was not reproducing red blood cells for him during pregnancy. There was no way of knowing, and the news was sudden. Shocking. Speechless. Suffering.

Josh and I were privileged to get to meet him. We held him, without much to say. Our tears flooded our vision as we did our best to see his face, touch his hands, and hold his little body. The memory of holding a child for the first time is one you can never forget. The memory of holding a child for the last time is one you try to always remember.

His tiny life has a story of its own. The impact he left on our hearts was undoubtable. Very soon, I want to share more. More of this precious life that I had the honor of knowing, loving, and releasing. Lord, would you please take delight and gather the glory as I seek to walk back through this experience. You are the author and perfecter of my faith, and the center of my story.


  1. Jennifer, this was a beautiful blog post.

  2. Jennifer,
    Thank you for sharing your story of heartache, and that even during suffering...HE IS GOD!

  3. Vulnerability is a fragrance that draws unlike anything else. Hurting people will be drawn to you and Josh because of the way you have walked through your heartbreak with open hearts. I am privileged to know you! I pray that you will see all that He is revealing to you through this time. Love you!