Wednesday, June 19, 2013


So this summer, our church kicked off a new series called Legacy.  It's a topic that hits the heart in different ways.  All of us are influenced by the legacies left by our families, and through many generations before us.  In addition, we are influenced by the legacies of others around us like our friends and acquaintances.  And yet, the greatest challenge given to us... it to create our own legacy.

In our home, we talk constantly about writing our own stories.  We are compelled by a story.  Jesus most often taught within the context or outline of a story.  Therefore, I ask myself about the story of my life, once it's finished, what is the theme? What are the struggles and resolutions? What gives it life? Beauty? What about the cliff-hangers, or the things left unanswered? Undone? What will our children and grandchildren say about us? What do our friends love so much about us? How have I loved my family in a way that leads them to the Kingdom? How will I be remembered?

Since I'm merely a few days into my 30's, these are the questions I've started asking myself over and over.  Not to get bogged down in my every little action or conversation or decision.  But, more to question my motives, my reactions, my heart.

For all 5 years of her life, my daughter has gotten feedback in the likeness of her resemblance to me.  She has my face, my nose, my look.  I'm flattered, we say thanks and move on.  However, when this happens as of late, I stop.

I ask myself - Does she have my heart? My spirit? Does she emulate my love for the Lord?

I know the scripture says for out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks... but even further, I know God has graced me with a husband and a child who both help to reflect back to me my heart. Even as we listened tonight to an amazing story - It was from the husband and father of this family, and he recognized early on that the root of our problems is often a reflection of our own relationship with the Lord.  I believe that whole-heartedly.

When I'm not truly plugged into the Lord, and not plugged into the body of Christ, then I'm powerless. Just like a kitchen appliance or hair dryer that will NOT work unless it's plugged into a power source.

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