Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Today is Mother's Day, and I'm loving nothing more than being a mommy right now. I can't wait for the summer when I can spend tons of time with Mya. She is growing very fast, and is becoming an amazing young girl. She is full of imagination, love and sweetness in her heart. She always surprises us with her latest antics. Tonight, she had Kermit going potty and even helped him wipe. Although my favorite is just how animated and expressive she is. No matter her emotion, she feels it to the max.

She melts me every time she takes my cheeks in her tiny hands and says, "Wook at me!" Then, with her big blue eyes, staring in mine and we are nose to nose, she says, "I wuhvv you." To which all I can muster to say is I love you too (sniff sniff).

I recently told her about our friends who had a new baby this week, and how they have a new baby boy now. Her little friend is now a big sister, and she says, "I the big sister." Emphasis on the word I. So she then tells me about a little girl. Which I believe is possible she knows about the miscarriage we had last year, and considering she claims to know Coen, her older brother who is now in Heaven, it doesn't surprise me.

This can be one of many very tough but very wonderful days of the year. There is plenty of pain wrapped up in the loss of a child. There is also plenty of joy in the blessing that children are. God has certainly blessed me, and He guides me through Motherhood, just like everything else.

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