Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bloggy forgiveness, please.

It's just been too long since I've posted a single thought or word about a single thing. If you will recall, I knew this blog had the possibility of not living up to the standard I had originally set so valiantly in the beginning. My favorite pair of jeans that I reference waaaayyy back in my very-first-ever blog post, have for sure worn out and in fact, I've been through a few more pair since then. Nowadays, I'm on to my 7 jeans. Don't worry, I did not pay anywhere near full price for them, and if you so kindly followed the link then I will reward you with the mental picture of me looking just like the models you see on the website. Most of you ladies will know what I mean about these so-called favorite jeans, others of you... trust me, their awesome. None the less, I've not given up. Who knows what's in store...

Next, I feel I must confess, I love to write. PLUS I have just so many thoughts that run through my head and my heart on a daily basis; and this blog was a neat way to sort through them. Also, I still believe this can be a source of ministry for those few of you that may read it. After all, we have stories that the Lord has asked us to share.

All that to say, here we go again!

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  1. Hooray!! I'm so glad you are back. We need pictures of Mya